Charly Boy Addresses Controversy Surrounding His Sexuality


Renowned singer and provocateur, Charles Oputa, better known as Charly Boy, has unequivocally addressed the long-standing speculation regarding his sexuality, firmly stating that while he acknowledges his feminine side, he is not gay.

In a recent interview with reality star Uriel Oputa, Charly Boy candidly discussed the controversy surrounding his sexual orientation. He revealed that he embraces his feminine persona, which he humorously refers to as “Linda,” and reminisced about his portrayal of the character “Miss Zigizigi” during his Charly Boy show days, a persona he adopted while residing in the United States.

While acknowledging the confusion his persona may cause, Charly Boy emphasized that despite rumors, he is not gay. He pointed out that if he were gay, he would actively champion the fight for gay rights in Nigeria, using his platform to advocate for equality and acceptance.

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