CBCN President Urges Action on Food Security Amid Insecurity Concerns

Most Rev. Lucius Iwejuru Ugorji, President of the Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria (CBCN), has sounded the alarm over Nigeria’s food security, emphasizing that the nation’s ability to feed its people is threatened by escalating insecurity.

Speaking at the launch of a week-long training and empowerment workshop on agriculture in Aboh Mbaise, Archbishop Ugorji highlighted the detrimental impact of insecurity on farming activities. He pointed out that the current insecurity situation is deterring farmers from tending to their fields, leading to a decrease in food production and exacerbating hunger.

Archbishop Ugorji stressed the correlation between hunger and unrest, cautioning that a population suffering from hunger could potentially become a volatile force. He urged the government to prioritize addressing insecurity to ensure the nation’s food security objectives can be achieved.

Commending initiatives like the “it’s farm o’clock for Mbaise people” workshop, Archbishop Ugorji lauded efforts by individuals like Rev. Fr. Pius Ibeawuchi and Mr. Princewill Ugochukwu Amuchie in promoting agricultural development. He encouraged a shift towards commercial food production to alleviate the high cost of food in the market.

Expressing his commitment to replicate the workshop’s learnings, Archbishop Ugorji advocated for widespread engagement in farming activities, emphasizing its profitability and life-saving potential. He underscored the importance of proper timing in agricultural practices for optimal harvests.

Princewill Ugochukwu Amuchie, a co-sponsor of the workshop, echoed Archbishop Ugorji’s sentiments, emphasizing the urgent need to prioritize agriculture to prevent catastrophic consequences arising from soaring food prices. Amuchie pledged to ensure that the benefits of agricultural initiatives reach every family in Aboh Mbaise.

Rev. Fr. Pius Ibeawuchi, the proprietor of the farm hosting the workshop, expressed satisfaction with the participation and readiness of over 250 attendees to apply their learnings in the upcoming farming season.

Overall, Archbishop Ugorji’s remarks underscore the critical importance of addressing insecurity to safeguard Nigeria’s food security and foster socio-economic development. The collaborative efforts of stakeholders, as demonstrated in initiatives like the agricultural workshop, are essential in advancing sustainable solutions to food insecurity challenges.

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