Bobrisky Reveals Journey from Crossdresser to Transgender Identity

Internet sensation Bobrisky, born Idris Okuneye, has opened up about his evolution from crossdressing to embracing a transgender identity. In a candid interview with maverick singer Charly Boy, Bobrisky shared insights into his unconventional journey.

The controversial personality disclosed that his foray into crossdressing began as a marketing strategy while he was selling unisex clothes during his undergraduate days at the University of Lagos. Recounting his early days, Bobrisky revealed, “About nine years ago, I was at the University of Lagos studying Accounting. I also had a side hustle, I was selling unisex clothes. Most times I try the female wears on myself and I love the outfits.”

As his business thrived, Bobrisky ventured into female hairstyles and makeup, which garnered increased attention and patronage from women. Reflecting on his transition, he explained, “From there, I moved to female hairstyles to makeup and more women were patronising my business. So I decided to keep crossdressing since it was lucrative.”

Initially considering crossdressing solely as a marketing tactic, Bobrisky found himself drawn deeper into the identity he had cultivated. He admitted, “I wasn’t thinking I was going to do it for a very long time. Initially, it was just a marketing strategy but people were complimenting me that I look better as a woman than a man. That’s how I ended up being Bobrisky.”

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