BNXN Takes Shots at Davido, Sparks Backlash from Fans


Singer Daniel Benson, known as BNXN (formerly Buju), found himself at the center of controversy after throwing a jab at his colleague Davido on social media. In response to a netizen’s comment labeling BNXN as “mid,” he retorted, stating that the individual has no right to speak on anything music-related as a fan of Davido.

Expressing his dissatisfaction, BNXN responded with, “You be retard. Knowing your fave you no suppose dey speak on anything regarding music. Fem!”

The netizen, a known Davido fan on the platform, received criticism for the exchange, prompting BNXN to delete the tweet. However, the move did not alleviate the backlash as netizens continued to condemn him for disrespecting Davido in the online banter.

Twitter users expressed varying opinions, with @heiskaptain calling the disrespect towards Davido “crazy,” while @BigAyo criticized BNXN for openly disrespecting Davido and questioned the rationale behind such behavior. @thatdammygirlie called for a public apology from BNXN to Davido and his fan base, threatening to cancel him if an apology is not issued.

The incident highlights the sensitive nature of interactions on social media within the music industry, with fans quick to defend their favorite artists against perceived disrespect.

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