Blaqbonez Claims Superior Catalogue, Sparks Social Media Spat with Joeboy

Popular rapper and singer Blaqbonez stirred controversy on Tuesday by boldly asserting his supremacy in Nigeria’s music scene, declaring that only a select few artists rival his extensive catalogue.

Taking to a popular social media platform, Blaqbonez engaged in banter with critics, confidently stating, “Asides the big 3 or 4 or whatever number u guys currently recognise, nobody, I repeat, nobody has a better catalogue than me.”

However, his assertion was met with disagreement from fellow artist Joeboy, who responded by quoting Blaqbonez’s tweet with a meme featuring the late pop icon Michael Jackson gesturing for someone to “calm down.”

Unfazed by Joeboy’s dissent, Blaqbonez doubled down on his claim, suggesting that Joeboy is not “a worthy challenger” for him and further fueling the online exchange.

The social media spat between Blaqbonez and Joeboy quickly garnered attention from fans and industry observers, sparking debate over the hierarchy of Nigerian artists and the quality of their respective catalogues.

As tensions simmered online, fans eagerly awaited further developments in what promises to be a compelling showdown between two of Nigeria’s rising music stars.

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