Blackface Accuses Shallipopi of Intellectual Property Theft

Nigerian singer Augustine Obiabo Amedu, popularly known as Blackface, has leveled accusations of intellectual property theft against his colleague, Shallipopi, alleging that the latter sampled his song ‘Enemy Plan’ without permission in his recent debut album ‘Shakepopi’.

In a video shared on his Instagram page on Sunday, Blackface expressed his dismay at the alleged unauthorized use of his work, questioning whether Nigerian artists could create without resorting to copying his sound or melody.

In pidgin, he wrote, “Una mean say if them no copy my sound or my melody them no go get song to sing? Ok I don make remix for una so make una better abandon this una project.”

As of now, Shallipopi has not responded to the accusation, leaving the matter unresolved for the time being.

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