Big Brother Naija All Stars Winner Ilebaye Odiniya Sets the Record Straight on Finances


Ilebaye Odiniya, the winner of Big Brother Naija All Stars edition, has confidently asserted that the N120 million prize money she secured from the reality show remains untouched. This declaration came in response to a fan’s inquiry about her seemingly moderate social media presence.

During a candid exchange on Snapchat, a fan suggested that Odiniya’s subdued social media activity might lead people to assume she’s facing financial difficulties. However, Odiniya swiftly dismissed such notions, emphasizing that her financial stability is unwavering.

In her response, the reality star dismissed any association with financial hardship, stating emphatically that she is far from being broke. She attributed her financial security to her Big Brother winnings, highlighting gratitude for the opportunity it provided.

Odiniya clarified that her minimal social media exposure should not be misconstrued as a lack of wealth. She asserted that refraining from flaunting material possessions on social platforms is a deliberate choice to avoid inciting envy and negativity.

“Lmaoo! When it comes to being broke, don’t add Ilebaye’s name to that circle girl! lol, brokenness isn’t my portion and I thank God for using Big Brother to have my own money. Because I don’t post doesn’t mean I don’t have. If I dey post, una for die of hate. I’m saving you guys from unnecessary High BP. I never even touch that 120M yet. Lmao you think it’s by posting designers that make you rich.”

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