Biden Targets Health Care in New Hampshire Visit, Highlighting Contrasts with Republicans

President Joe Biden is set to escalate his criticism of Republicans and former President Donald Trump during a visit to New Hampshire on Monday, focusing on the issue of health care. In a state known for its aging population, Biden intends to outline a health care agenda that sharply contrasts with Republican policies, particularly their vows to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and remove caps on out-of-pocket drug costs.

Biden’s aides view health care as a crucial issue for voters as the general election approaches, citing the success of Democrats in messaging on the topic in recent election cycles. Despite the relative popularity of the ACA, polls indicate that many Americans are unaware of the steps Biden has taken to reduce health care costs since taking office.

During his visit, Biden will call on Congress to pass new legislation aimed at expanding caps on out-of-pocket drug costs, allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices, and extending Obamacare premium subsidies. However, with the GOP controlling the House, the likelihood of such legislation passing before November is slim.

Nevertheless, Biden’s trip to New Hampshire presents an opportunity to contrast his health care agenda with that of Trump and the Republicans. The president won the state in 2020, albeit by a narrower margin this year.

In a state where a significant portion of the population is over 65, addressing health care costs and access holds considerable importance. Biden is expected to continue his defense of the ACA, vowing to thwart Republican attempts to repeal it.

The Biden administration’s efforts to reduce drug prices, including capping out-of-pocket costs for Medicare enrollees, have received little public awareness. Despite Biden’s repeated mentions of these measures, many Americans remain unaware of the prescription drug provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022.

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