Bewaji Ewatomi Responds to Assault Allegations Against Husband Portable


Bewaji Ewatomi, the wife of controversial Nigerian singer Portable, has vehemently refuted claims suggesting that she was assaulted by her husband. Responding to allegations made by a social media user, Ewatomi took to her own social media platform to address the accusations head-on.

The controversy arose when Ewatomi chose to publicly commemorate Portable’s 30th birthday on her social media page. However, amidst the celebratory messages, a user identified as @agbajedeboraha seized the opportunity to accuse the singer of domestic violence against his wife.

In a direct response to the accusatory comment, Ewatomi issued a robust challenge to the user, dismissing the allegations and defending her decision to stand by her husband. She retorted, “If they born your mama well, can you please tell us what you are going through in your own home? If I stay in my husband’s house till now, na because of my children, because I can’t be among people like you with five children and five fathers. Anything I see in my husband’s house na because of my children tomorrow, werey.”

Ewatomi’s assertive response sheds light on the complexities of intimate partner dynamics and the personal choices individuals make within their relationships. Despite external scrutiny and criticism, she stands firm in her commitment to her family and underscores the importance of prioritizing her children’s well-being above all else.

The exchange on social media serves as a microcosm of broader conversations surrounding domestic issues and the societal pressures individuals face in navigating complex relationship dynamics. While the specific circumstances of Ewatomi and Portable’s relationship remain private, the public exchange underscores the prevalence of discussions surrounding domestic matters within Nigerian society.

As the discourse continues to unfold online, Ewatomi’s response reflects a determined stance against unfounded accusations and highlights the importance of respecting individuals’ choices in managing their personal relationships. The incident serves as a reminder of the nuanced complexities inherent in discussions of domestic issues and underscores the need for empathy and understanding in addressing such sensitive topics.

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