Bella Shmurda Urges Nigerian Artists to Uphold Respect for Afrobeats


Nigerian singer Bella Shmurda has spoken out against derogatory remarks made by some of his colleagues regarding Afrobeats, urging fellow artists to maintain respect for the genre.

In the wake of controversial statements from Burna Boy and Wizkid disassociating themselves from Afrobeats, Bella Shmurda expressed his disappointment while appearing on the London 90 podcast. Burna Boy had criticized Afrobeats for lacking substance, preferring to identify with Afrofusion, while Wizkid distanced himself from the genre altogether.

Addressing the issue, Bella Shmurda emphasized the importance of respecting Afrobeats as a genre intrinsic to Nigerian music culture. Despite his reluctance to engage in public controversy, Bella Shmurda felt compelled to speak out, emphasizing the need for unity and appreciation for the genre that has been bestowed upon them by divine providence.

“Recently, I heard something, I saw something that made me feel bad. I wanted to tweet but I don’t want to be in a position whereby I have issues with people. But for real, We artistes should respect Afrobeats. This is our genre, we can’t downgrade it. No matter your level in the music industry, you can’t downgrade this thing that God has given us,” Bella Shmurda stated.

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