Bayo Onanuga Reflects on Journalistic Role in Ending Military Regimes in Nigeria

Bayo Onanuga, the Special Adviser to President Bola Tinubu on Information and Strategy, shared insights into the pivotal role played by journalists, including himself, in bringing an end to the military regimes of Ibrahim Babangida and Sani Abacha in Nigeria. Speaking on the ‘Mic On Podcast’ hosted by Channels TV presenter, Seun Okinbaloye, Onanuga underscored the efforts made by journalists to transition Nigeria from military rule to democracy.

Onanuga, who previously served as an editor at the defunct African Concord magazine and later founded TheNews magazine, emphasized the journalists’ commitment to questioning societal ills and holding leaders accountable. He highlighted their focus on putting the nation on the right path and advocating for democratic governance.

Reflecting on their activism during Babangida’s regime, Onanuga emphasized the importance of challenging authority and advocating for democracy, despite the risks involved. He expressed satisfaction in seeing the military relinquish power, citing the journalist’s role in pushing Babangida out of office in 1993.

Furthermore, Onanuga recalled the resistance against Abacha’s authoritarian rule and the journalists’ perseverance in advocating for democracy, even in the face of adversity. He recounted how some journalists had to flee the country due to threats under Abacha’s regime but returned to continue the fight for democracy.


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