Bayern Munich Manager Thomas Tuchel Criticizes Officials’ Decision in Champions League Semifinal

Bayern Munich manager Thomas Tuchel has expressed frustration and disappointment over the decision by officials to halt play before his team could score an injury-time equalizer against Real Madrid, labeling it as a “betrayal.”

In the second leg of their Champions League semifinal, Bayern Munich held a 1-0 lead until the 88th minute when substitute Joselu scored twice in quick succession. As Bayern trailed 2-1 in the 13th minute of stoppage time, Matthijs de Ligt appeared to have scored the equalizer, only for the assistant referee’s flag to be raised for offside.

Tuchel criticized the decision, describing it as “very, very bad” and contrary to the rules. He expressed his frustration, stating that the decision felt like a betrayal, particularly as the flag was raised despite television replays suggesting that the original call of offside may have been incorrect and could have been reviewed by the video assistant referee (VAR).

Despite apologies from the linesman and referee Szymon Marciniak, Tuchel emphasized that such apologies did not change the outcome or alleviate the frustration felt by his team. He underscored the importance of officials performing at their best, especially in critical moments of the game.

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