Ayra Starr’s Presidential Vision: A Day of Liberation for Women and Children


Grammy-nominated Nigerian singer, Ayra Starr, has shared her vision for a day as president, emphasizing her commitment to the well-being of women and children. In a recent interview with MTV UK, the ‘Rush’ crooner revealed that if she were the president for a day, she would ensure that women and children receive everything for free.

When asked about the laws she would enact if given the presidential authority, Ayra Starr expressed her dedication to gender equality and the empowerment of women and children. She stated, “If I was president for a day, I would make sure women don’t have to pay for anything. Everything free. All the bags, all the jewellery, food. Women and children won’t have to pay for anything. Always and forever!”

The singer’s visionary approach aligns with a focus on inclusivity and support for vulnerable demographics, reflecting a desire to create an environment where financial barriers are eliminated for women and children.

In a lighthearted moment during the interview, Ayra Starr was also asked about the most toxic star sign. With a playful tone, she responded, “Oh, I know this one. I’m kidding. I love all the star signs, so nobody should come for me – but run away from a scorpion! Run away [laughs].” Her humorous remark added a touch of charm to the interview, showcasing the artist’s versatile and engaging personality.

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