Aston Martin Accepts Penalty for Fernando Alonso’s Australian Grand Prix Incident

Aston Martin has confirmed that they will not be appealing the penalty imposed on Fernando Alonso following last weekend’s Australian Grand Prix. The penalty, deemed for “potentially dangerous” driving, was handed to the two-time world champion after an incident during the race at Albert Park in Melbourne.

Alonso received a 20-second penalty, resulting in his drop from sixth to eighth place in the final race standings. The penalty was attributed to an incident on the penultimate lap, where Alonso braked unusually early into turn six. This action caused Mercedes driver George Russell, who was closely following Alonso, to crash.

Aston Martin team boss Mike Krack addressed the situation, stating that the team acknowledges and accepts the decision made by the race stewards. In a message to fans shared on social media, Krack expressed full support for Alonso, emphasizing that there was no intentional contact between Alonso’s car and Russell’s.

“While receiving a 20-second time penalty without any contact with the following car is disappointing, we must respect and abide by the decision,” Krack stated.

Alonso, 42, admitted to stewards after the race that he had “got it slightly wrong” regarding the incident. However, he later expressed surprise at the decision on social media.

The incident involving Alonso and Russell resulted in the latter’s car losing control and ending up on its side on the track, prompting the race to conclude under a virtual safety car.

Krack defended Alonso, highlighting the driver’s competitive spirit and dedication to finishing ahead of Russell. He reassured fans that Alonso would never purposefully endanger another driver on the track.

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