Arewa Consultative Forum Expresses Concern Over Suspension of Senator Ningi

The Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) has issued a statement expressing its concern over the suspension of Senator Abdul Ningi from the Nigerian 10th Senate for a period of three months. Senator Ningi represents Bauchi Central in the Senate and had previously served as the leader of the Northern Caucus of Senators until his resignation.

In its statement, the ACF acknowledges the constitutional privilege of the 10th Senate to determine its affairs but emphasizes the importance of adhering to due process and fair hearing principles. The Forum highlights the weighty allegations of “budget padding” made by Senator Ningi, which raised concerns about the allocation of funds in the 2024 budget.

While the Senate denied the allegations, the ACF urges for a thorough investigation by a statutory or ad hoc committee rather than a rushed suspension. The Forum expresses concern that the allegations remain unaddressed, potentially undermining the credibility of the Senate and the Executive.

Furthermore, the ACF regrets the absence of representation for Bauchi Central in the Senate during the suspension period and pledges support to Senator Ningi and his supporters in seeking a satisfactory resolution through constitutional means.

In conclusion, the ACF calls on the 10th Senate to exercise circumspection and sensitivity in handling criticism of its operations, emphasizing that robust debates on public policy issues are essential for the development of democracy.

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