Anthony Kim Opens Up About Dark Period and Return to Golf

Former American Ryder Cup player Anthony Kim has revealed the harrowing experiences he faced during a 12-year hiatus from professional golf, citing encounters with “scam artists” and “snakes” that led him to dark moments.

Kim, once hailed as a PGA Tour breakthrough star, recently resurfaced in the golfing world by joining the Saudi-backed LIV Golf after disappearing from the sport due to a series of injuries from 2010 to 2012. Now, at 38 years old, Kim reflects on the challenges he endured during his absence.

In a candid interview with LIV, Kim disclosed the turmoil he faced, admitting to being surrounded by individuals who took advantage of him. He describes encountering “bad people” who exploited his vulnerabilities, highlighting the naivety he exhibited in his younger years.

Kim’s rise to prominence in golf was meteoric, marked by notable achievements such as winning two PGA Tour events in 2008 and being a key member of the victorious 2008 Ryder Cup team. However, his career trajectory was marred by injuries, including a spinal fusion, shoulder surgeries, and a hand operation.

Reflecting on his tumultuous journey, Kim acknowledges the profound impact these experiences had on him, both physically and mentally. He speaks candidly about feeling isolated and alone despite being surrounded by people, emphasizing the need to prioritize his mental well-being and rediscover his purpose in life.

Despite the challenges he faced, Kim has returned to professional golf with newfound determination. Although his initial performance at the LIV event in Jeddah was challenging, he has shown improvement, finishing three-over at the subsequent event in Hong Kong. He is now set to compete in the US for the first time since his comeback, as the LIV tour heads to Miami this week.

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