Angel Smith Addresses Rumoured Breakup with Soma Amid Cyberbullying Allegations

Big Brother Naija reality star Angel Smith has spoken out amidst rumors of a breakup with her colleague, Soma, condemning the cyberbullying she claims to have endured since 2021.

Speculation arose after Angel unfollowed Soma on social media, and he reportedly edited a birthday message to her, removing the term “love.” However, Angel took to the X platform to address the rumors and express her frustration with the online harassment she has faced.

In her statement, Angel asserted that those perpetuating the breakup rumors were engaging in bullying behavior, emphasizing that she has been subjected to unwarranted cyberbullying for over a year. She denied the accusations leveled against her, insisting that she has refrained from responding to the false claims.

Addressing her critics directly, Angel urged them to respect her privacy and any decisions she and Soma may have made, emphasizing that even if they have indeed ended their relationship, it should not be a subject for public scrutiny. She emphasized that despite any personal issues they may have, they have chosen not to air their grievances on social media.

Expressing her frustration, Angel called out individuals who criticize her while maintaining hidden or troubled relationships themselves, labeling them as hypocrites. She concluded her statement by denouncing the online harassment and asserting her right to privacy and dignity.

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