Andy Murray Faces Extended Absence Due to Ankle Injury

Andy Murray, the British tennis star, has announced that he will be sidelined for an extended period after sustaining an ankle injury during the Miami Open.

The 36-year-old received medical attention following the incident during his match against Tomas Machac, which ended in a dramatic defeat. Murray confirmed that he suffered a full rupture of his anterior talofibular ligament (ATFL) and a near full-thickness rupture of his calcaneofibular ligament (CFL).

Murray expressed his disappointment at the setback, acknowledging the difficulty of the situation. However, he remains determined to return to the court, humorously stating that he will be back “with one hip and no ankle ligaments when the time is right.”

Having returned from hip resurfacing surgery in 2019, Murray had been aiming to compete in several upcoming tournaments, including the French Open and Wimbledon. However, this latest injury casts doubt on his participation in these events.

Despite his setback, Murray has not ruled out the possibility of competing in another Olympic Games before retiring from professional tennis. His ranking, currently at 59th, may still afford him entry into the Olympics, considering his status as a former champion and Grand Slam winner.

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