Ahmed Musa Clarifies Gesture Towards Kano Governor: It Was a Sign of Cultural Respect

Super Eagles captain, Ahmed Musa, has addressed the recent controversy surrounding a video in which he appeared to ignore a handshake from Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf of Kano State. Musa explained that his action was a sign of cultural respect and expressed surprise that it was misconstrued.

In the statement issued on Tuesday, Musa clarified that in Northern culture, gestures such as kneeling, shaking hands, or bowing signify the highest form of respect. He emphasized that his intention was to honor the governor in a manner deeply rooted in tradition.

Musa highlighted that when greeting the Deputy Governor, he chose to kneel and shake hands, demonstrating his respect. However, when it came to greeting the Governor, he opted to bow instead of shaking hands, following cultural norms.

Expressing disappointment that the incident gained undue attention amidst more pressing national issues, Musa urged people to focus on finding solutions to the country’s challenges rather than getting caught up in needless distractions.

He called for collective efforts to address real societal issues, foster unity, and work towards a better future for all. Musa concluded by emphasizing the importance of directing energy towards meaningful endeavors rather than engaging in trivial controversies.

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