AGN President Confirms Zack Orji’s Successful Brain Surgeries Amid Death Rumors


The Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) has provided reassuring updates on veteran actor Zack Orji’s health, revealing that he underwent two successful brain surgeries. Emeka Rollas, the national President of AGN, dispelled rumors of Zack’s demise, emphasizing his positive prognosis.

Rollas affirmed Zack Orji’s improving health status, stating, “Zack is never in a position of seriously needing attention as we speak. He just needs a post-surgery evaluation abroad which we are gradually gathering money to send him abroad for.” He expressed dismay at the dissemination of false information about Zack’s death, attributing it to individuals seeking online attention.

Addressing the misinformation circulating on social media, Rollas condemned the inhumanity of spreading such rumors, highlighting Zack’s resilience following two brain surgeries. He clarified that Zack is in good health and is actively communicating, refuting claims of his passing.

The swift response from Emeka Rollas came after erroneous reports surfaced on Thursday alleging Zack Orji’s demise. Rollas promptly refuted the rumors, reaffirming Zack’s ongoing recovery process.

Zack Orji’s health scare began when he collapsed on December 31, 2023, prompting immediate medical attention. He was admitted to the intensive care unit of the National Hospital in Abuja before undergoing surgery at a private hospital.

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