Afrobeats Quality Decline Sparks Concern, Says Singer Ric Hassani


Nigerian singer Ric Hassani recently voiced concerns over the declining quality of Afrobeats music, noting a stark contrast between past hits and current chart-toppers.

Speaking on Channels TV’s program “Rubbin’ Minds with Ebuka,” Hassani lamented that while previous hit songs were synonymous with quality, today’s hits often fall short. He expressed dismay over the trend, attributing it to the genre’s overwhelming popularity attracting a flood of newcomers.

“Afrobeats is Nigerian music. Our guys are top 10, and I feel like because of that, the quality of music might stop dropping because more people want to get in. So the quality is really dropping,” Hassani remarked.

Reflecting on the evolution of the music scene, Hassani emphasized that past hits were characterized by their seriousness and musical depth, a standard he feels is lacking in many contemporary tracks.

“Back in the days, hit songs were serious music, but now almost anybody is just coming in. Most of the hit songs in Nigeria now are not very good music. Back in the days it wasn’t like this,” he explained.

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