Adult Star Briggs Denies Nigerian Socialite’s Involvement in Gay Activities


Amidst swirling rumors linking Nigerian socialite Enioluwa Adeoluwa to gay activities, United States-based adult star Briggs has come forward to dispel the speculation. Following the emergence of a video online purportedly showing a man resembling Enioluwa engaged in intimate activities with another man, Briggs clarified that the individual in the leaked footage was not Enioluwa.

In a statement addressed to Nigerians, Briggs urged people to refrain from harassing and antagonizing Enioluwa, emphasizing that the misconception arose due to the striking resemblance between him and the individual in the controversial video. Briggs, known for his adult content creation in the US, reassured Enioluwa’s supporters that it was not him in the video, despite the misleading appearance from certain angles.

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