Actress Dayo Amusa Slams Award of ‘Best Dressed Female’ to Bobrisky at Movie Premiere


Controversy has arisen in the Nigerian entertainment scene following the award of ‘Best Dressed Female’ to popular crossdresser, Bobrisky, at a recent movie premiere in Lagos.

Reports indicate that Bobrisky was crowned the Best Dressed Female at the premiere and was presented with a cash prize of N1 million. However, Nollywood actress Dayo Amusa has strongly criticized this decision, labeling it as a mockery of the women attendees.

In a video message shared on her Instagram account, Amusa expressed her dismay, stating, “I was at a colleague of mine’s premiere yesterday, they said the best dressers are to be picked; one female and one male best dresser. Don’t get me wrong, the winner could be anyone but definitely not a crossdresser. I mean, what’s wrong with us? I don’t understand it.”

Amusa further lamented the perceived disrespect towards the women present at the event, questioning the judges’ choice to award the title of Best Dressed Female to a crossdresser. She emphasized the efforts of all the women in attendance and criticized the decision to overlook them in favor of Bobrisky.

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