Abubakar Yesufu: Edo Governorship Election Will Reject Political Godfathers

In anticipation of the upcoming governorship election in Edo State, Abubakar Yesufu, former spokesman for the New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP) presidential election campaign, has emphatically declared that political godfathers will face rejection.

Addressing journalists in Lagos yesterday, Yesufu, also the Chairman of the League of Patriotic Lawyers, emphasized that the desired governor for the people of Edo State should be approachable and free from the influence of political godfathers.

“Yesufu emphasized, “The gubernatorial election in Edo State will be people-friendly, determined solely by the people’s will.”

He further asserted, “I will soon embark on a tour of the state starting from Igueben Local Government Area, where I hold the esteemed title of Ogieneni of Igueben (Elephant of the kingdom). The governance of our state cannot continue to be dictated by aristocratic figures disguising as saviors.”

Reflecting on recent events, Yesufu highlighted the defeat of certain political figures, indicating a shift away from godfather politics. He assured the populace not to despair, promising imminent change.

“After the tour,” Yesufu pledged, “I will convene a world press conference to announce my endorsed candidate.”

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