Abducted Editor Segun Olatunji Recounts Ordeal, Alleges Military Involvement

Segun Olatunji, the abducted Editor of FirstNews Newspaper, has detailed his harrowing experience at the hands of military personnel who seized him from his Lagos residence. Following sustained pressure from media stakeholders, Olatunji was released on Thursday after being held captive since March 15, 2024.

Narrating his ordeal during a press briefing organized by the Nigerian Guild of Editors, Nigeria Union of Journalists, and the International Press Institute in Abuja, Olatunji revealed the traumatic events he endured. He recounted being blindfolded and transported to the Federal Capital Territory, where he was confined in a cell with handcuffs and leg chains for nearly three days.

Describing the abduction, Olatunji stated, “Someone claiming to be from the military, identified as Colonel Lawal, seized my phones and escorted me to the office of the National Air Defence Corps.” He recounted being surrounded by armed personnel from various security agencies and subsequently flown to Abuja under tight security measures.

Throughout his captivity, Olatunji endured physical discomfort, including being handcuffed and leg cuffed, and subjected to tight restraints, causing him significant pain. Despite his release, he continues to suffer from lingering physical discomfort in his hands and legs.

Furthermore, Olatunji alleged that the individuals responsible for his abduction were closely affiliated with the government, as indicated by the interrogation focusing on articles published by FirstNews Newspaper. He revealed being questioned about specific stories, including those concerning the Chief of Defence Intelligence and the Chief of Staff to President Bola Tinubu, Mr. Femi Gbajabiamila.

Expressing his belief that his abduction was orchestrated by individuals within the corridors of power unhappy with FirstNews’ investigative reporting, Olatunji emphasized the targeted nature of the interrogation.


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