50 Cent’s Ex-Girlfriend Accuses Him of Rape Amid Custody Battle

Daphne Joy, former partner of American rapper 50 Cent, has come forward with allegations of rape and assault against the G-Unit boss. The accusations surfaced amidst reports of 50 Cent seeking sole custody of their son, following Joy’s involvement in a lawsuit against Sean “Diddy” Combs.

In a detailed Instagram post, Joy criticized 50 Cent for his alleged negligence as a father, claiming he saw their son, Sire, only ten times over a two-year period despite living just a mile away.

“I am tired of upholding and protecting an image to our son that you have never even earned,” Joy expressed in her post, condemning 50 Cent’s alleged actions of rape and physical abuse during their relationship.

Addressing 50 Cent directly, Joy asserted her determination to no longer be silenced, stating, “You have permanently damaged the last hope I had for you as a father to preserve our family with these last and final false slams made against me.”

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