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main_pic_r1_c3Welcome to the weekly story archive

Each week we post two stories from the regular newspaper on the website. It’s fun, and it’s a nice introduction to our paper.

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And we’ve had a request: Can you keep these stories longer than a week?

The first ones, when we were trying out the page, are just gone. Sorry. The Norwegian Days story and the Music Festival story got over-written.

But then Ken began to back them up. So here, for your enjoyment, are the archived versions for several weeks. Click on the dates on your left, find the story you want to see. This is something of an experiment in programming.

“Fit ’N Firm” has a grand opening

The Grand Opening of our newest business on Main Street went exceptionally well. “We had people lined up waiting to see (the orientation),” Kathy Kilgore, owner/ operator, told us.

It is “Fit ’N Firm” a 30 minute exercise program serving both men and women.

They way it works is you have various “stations” that you work at for 30 seconds at a time. Once you have gone around the circle twice, you have completed 30 minutes and have had all the areas of your body worked out. The “stations” vary from upper body strength, to sculpting and cardio maintenance.

The acceptance in the community has been very good. “We have 67 members,” Kathy reported, “as of today.”

With health a primary concern for many in our nation, this is a great opportunity for those of us in the Newman Grove/Lindsay area.

Recently I heard someone talking about going elsewhere for an exercise program. I asked them what kind of mileage their car got. When we calculated it out – she would be paying up to five times what it would be to have a membership at Fit ‘N Firm.

Hours are expanding as members are added. Kathy has said she will accommodate her members whenever possible. Currently they are Mon–Fri 6am to 8am and noon to 2pm, 4 to 8pm. She states, “Hours will be adjusted based on demand.”

This type of health club/ exercise program has been expanding in the metropolitan areas with such places as “Curves” and other health organizations.

With the United States having very severe reports on obesity and general poor health, this is not just a nice business – it is a necessity.

“I come over my lunch hour,” Mike Kroeger, our local postmaster told us. “It’s a great workout.”

There are husband and wife members who come together, sisters, friends coming to encourage each other and get healthy.

It is adjustable to your abilities and restrictions – come and see how you can get healthy!